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  • August 31st, Twenty Ten

    Fashion For Passion, a not for profit endeavor was founded in March 2010 by Photographer, Nicholas Routzen, to help raise funds for children interested in pursuing their skill or love of the arts and/or music. Largely supported by the fashion industry, the organization will advocate and advance the education of young children through music lessons, art classes and supplies, creative space and an arts-focused summer camp. Fashion For Passion will initiate exclusive programs of its own as well as act as a revenue stream for like-minded charities whose mission is to provide for young children in the arts. Fashion For Passion is working with KIDS CREATIVE (,a NYC based organization aiming to foster the 6 C’s of peacemaking in youth: Confidence, Creativity, Conflict Resolution, Community, Collaboration and Cookies through arts education programs and live music and theater events. They believe that a better, more peaceful future can be brought about by those who, through the arts, have developed the creative, critical thinking and social skills necessary to make peace within themselves and in society.And now, you are cordially invited to attend the fundraiser and after party: September 8, 2010 7-10PMGood Units at Hudson 356 West 58th StreetNew York, NY 10019Mandatory RSVP: ffpfundraiser@gmail.comVideo invite:

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