Traction Artist Management is an accessible, fresh, and connected boutique artist agency that was founded in 2008. We are committed to exciting and delighting our clients and colleagues through personal attention. Our goal is to focus on the creative collaboration and to provide traction to whatever it takes to help you realize your vision. We not only connect clients with highly competitive talent, we help them define their branding and imagery by directing talent placement and assisting in production decisions. Our specialty is producing campaigns and images that live up to the highest standards of taste and style. Our clients have come to expect this seamless trusted process, and that for us just means great service. For us, the next decade for traction means leading the industry standard in talent development while remaining true to our roots, and having a whole lot of fun.





A magazine-trained, fashion industry-loving entrepreneur became determined to influence the photography industry - by supporting artists that redefine it. It seemed a natural step as many of her friends would come to her again and again to help them make career strategies. Thus, opening Traction Artist Management in 2008. At Traction, she is a dedicated business owner and talent manager. She inherently believes in helping others, investing her loyalty and resources into every ounce of her artists and company. She is lifestyle and quality driven, bringing an innate passion to every relationship she builds and detail she touches. Her taste level remains inspiring, from her curiosity of Italian heritage, cooking, and horseback riding, to her collection of sky-high booties and global travel. Jenna splits her time in Dumbo, Brooklyn and Catskills, NY with her husband Ernesto, their two sons, Crosby & Hudson, and her blue Persian cat, Rupert.